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We recommend, use, support  and sell SiteKiosk by Provisio.
"Secure Desktop Software"

internet kiosk

So what do you actually get?

First and foremost, we provide you with an Internet Kiosk.
It is a complete, self  servicing as well as a "smart looking" unit.
But this is only the start: SiteKiosk, the sophisticated internet access management software handles the coin payments, and guarantees security and maximum uptime, by eliminating most sources of errors and downtime. The interface is extremely intuitive.

We will help you figure out how to fit the Internet Kiosk into your location, taking up as little space as possible, while seamlessly blending into your ambiance and providing your customers with maximum convenience.

Once we have installed our Internet Kiosk at your location, we'll do all the maintenance - so if something goes wrong we'll fix it. We remotely monitor our Internet Kiosk. Just to makes sure everything runs smoothly. If we should find a problem, we will attend to it right away.

We know how upmost important it is to have our Internet Kiosk working at all times.  Because we think it's actually worse to have an Internet Kiosk that doesn't work, than none at all.


stable - uptime, uptime, uptime

secure -  controlled access to Kiosk and internet
web access - full web access to any site
filtering services -  optional software to block particular websites
configure - meet your specific requirements
branding -  your company's branding on our interface

Dimensions:  H 750, W 900, D 600

Dimensions:  H 1200, W 860, D 610

 The model we are famous for.

Our high security work station is  only 1.20 metres high by 860 mm wide by 610mm deep yet it can be placed in unsupervised areas allowing 24hr access to the public. All these units are highly functional, private, aesthetically pleasing while being ergonomic in design.
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