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to the internet using our high-speed wired Internet Kiosks or wireless network is easy. If you have questions on how to use our Internet Kiosks,  please review some commonly asked questions below.

If you believe that our internet service is not working properly, please call us as soon as possible. We take great pride in ensuring maximum uptime of our Internet services.

Internet Kiosks

How do I log on to your Internet Kiosks?

The Internet Kiosk accepts one and two dollar coins only.
After you have put the dollar(s) into the coin slot, just click on the button of the service you want to access and you are online. Two dollars will get you 20 minutes online.

What can I do on the Internet Kiosk?

You can surf the internet (www), check web email and POP3 email (see below) on our Internet Kiosks. You can go to any website by simply typing the desired URL into the window in the top right half of the screen. We do not block any sites; please familiarize yourself and comply with our Terms of Use, and any additional policies posted at the location.

The kiosk application buttons are programmed to open the programs of your choice:

internet web browser
search the web > Google
msn messenger
Microsoft web messenger (msn)
view attachments
play games

Can I use the floppy or CD ROM drive?

Sorry, NO. Our Stations are designed to let you surf the Internet quickly and conveniently, which is why we've disabled access to the floppy drive and CD-ROM to ensure maximum uptime. We regret that we don't allow up- or downloading files as this poses a security risk, by potentially introducing viruses.

What is POP3 email?

If you use a POP3 (post office protocol) server for your email, you can still check email on our Stations. Just click on the POP3 menu bar (this may not be visible on the screen, just scroll down by using the down arrow), and enter the address of your POP3 server, username and password. If you do not know the address of your POP3 server, you can try web-based services such as Mail2Web™ at www.mail2web.com.

How do I know how much time I have left?

A clock in the lower right-hand corner shows you how much time you have left from your inserted coins. You also see the available credit amount.

What do I do when I'm done surfing?

Click the 'Sign Out' button on the lower right-hand corner to end your session.  Your balance will be discarded and the Internet Kiosk will be reset to it's original configuration.
All of your session files will be deleted.

Still need help? Contact technical support at 0405 395 800 or help@blitzit.net