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should you provide public, self service, internet access at your business location?

Simply because your customers will appreciate it and see it as yet an additional reason to patronize your business, and more importantly, come back.

Our services are provided to your business at no cost and no risk to qualifying locations. Building a partnership between You, the "site owner" and us the "kiosk owner".
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Internet kiosks can help your business attract new customers and build loyalty. Customers who don't have internet access at home, or simply want to spend some free time surfing the web will choose your café over others. Don't worry about people lingering at your café for too long without spending money; average session times are similar to the time it takes to drink a coffee.

While customers check their email they'll also buy coffee or food - increasing your sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty all at the same time.

However, you want all of these benefits without you or your staff having to worry about buying, installing, operating and maintaining computers and the required backend infrastructure. At the same time, once you have an Internet Kiosk you want to make sure it works all the time. Because the only thing worse than not having an Internet Kiosk is having one that doesn't work. That's why we provide complete end-to-end service and make sure your equipment is serviced at all times.

And if your customers are early technology adopters and request a Wireless Network, you can also contact us. We'll help you figure out what makes sense for your location and navigate you through the alphabet soup of 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, Bluetooth.


Travellers are increasingly relying on the internet to check email, make travel plans, check their online accounts, or just read news from home. Guests prefer to stay in hotels that have high-speed Internet access over those that don't. By offering high-speed Internet access you can expand your guest amenities at no cost, and have more satisfied guests.

Most hotels have first focused on serving the needs of business travellers and heavy technology users. However, Internet usage has gone far beyond this segment. In-room data ports and wireless networks (Wi-Fi) thus only serve a fraction of your guests - those that carry a laptop. blitzit.net's Internet kiosks address all those guests that use the internet yet prefer to travel without their own laptop. In addition, blitzit.net also offers Wi-Fi to satisfy the early technology adopter.

Just like you wouldn't send your guests to the payphone on the street corner to make a phone call, you shouldn't send them to the public library or an Internet café across town to check their email. We offer a convenient, fully managed, always-on solution that will satisfy your guests while not placing an additional burden on your staff or impose additional costs on you.

Please call us at 0405 395 800or email us for more information.


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